Speeches, presentations, training seminars, experiential workshops, interactive games… all in one week of information and entertainment.

The National Betting Authority organizes for the 4th consecutive year the Safer Gambling Week.

To provide an opportunity to talk freely and in a safe environment about gambling, both with experts and everyday people.

To make sure we gamble for fun without putting ourselves or people around us in danger.

To learn about self-protection measures, to talk about prevention, to discuss our concerns and to be able to recognize the first signs of addiction.

To understand that in addition to the individual responsibility of the player, there is also a responsibility of the state and the gambling operators.

To encourage an informative and open community discussion and create a platform as a communication point between all stakeholders.

By participating in various speeches, presentations, training seminars, workshops, interactive games and other events during the SGW we can learn more about safer gambling.

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4-10 October 2021

Δραστηριότητες και εκδηλώσεις

Events and Activities

4th SGW Conference

The 4th Safer Gambling Conference will take place on October 4, 2021 and will be broadcast live online


Seminars aimed at the Authority’s regulated entities and casino employees, students, mental health professionals and all other stakeholders.


Interactive workshops that offer practical training through case studies.

Public events

Open events and activities organized for the public in shopping malls, municipalities, universities and other public places.

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